China: Chinese Museum of Women and Children, Beijing
Burkina Faso: Musee de Dano, Dano

Argentina: MUMU Espacio cultural museo de las mujeres, Cordoba
Jordan: ICWA International Center for Women Artists, Amman
Mexico: Museo de la Mujer, Colonia Centro

United Arab Emirates: Women’s Museum Bait Al Banat, Dubai
Germany: Das Haus der FrauenGeschichte (HdFG), Bonn
Women’s Museum of Ireland (virtual)
USA: Museum of Women’s Resistance, Brooklyn, New York
Istanbul Kadin Muzesi Women’s Museum (virtual)

History Women Future (virtual)

Sweden: Kvinnohistoriskt Museum, Ulmea
Turkey: Izmir Kadin Muzesi, Izmir

Antalya Women’s Museum (virtual)

Taiwan: Comfort Women Museum, Taipei

United Kingdom: inVISIBLEwomen.org


Musee de la Femme de Marrakech

United Kingdom: The Vagina Museum, London
Muzeu i Grave, MiG Albanian Women’s Museum

Latest News

Violence against women and girls in Mexico

The Museo de la Mujer invites you to the conversation Violence against women and girls in Mexico, today, in commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women ÔÖÇ´ŞĆ­čží. The appointment is this Friday, November 25, 2022 at 11 am. In this...

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Filmrelease Among us women

A film about birth, empowerment and being a woman in a changing society! Cooperation with the award-winning documentary AMONG US WOMEN - The Birthcaf├ę Campaign continues to raise awareness and solidarity 'among us women' with Birthcaf├ęs. Join us! among us women -...

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Between the Worlds

Women's Museum Hittisau presents: 13.11.22 - 18.06.23 A photos and audio project by Nurith Wagner-Strauss Between the Worlds - Born 1915-1935: Hear their stories They were born between 1915-1935 and were young girls during the Second World War or still children. They...

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