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  • 2007-2013 EU-project: She Culture

  • 2010-2011 EU-project: Women’s Museum – a cultural gender concept for Europe

  • 2013 Book: Women’s:Museum – Curatorial Politics in feminism, education, history, and art
    This book was a result of the two preceding symposia and includes texts of most of the speakers. It was meant to initiate a dialogue between women’s museums and the practices of politically conscious and activist feminist curatorial projects.1 It looks back on the history of women’s museums, as well as towards a future where further curatorial projects will be necessary to trace political agendas, aesthetic strategies, theories, ideas, ethics, and practices.It is an up-to-date research on the intersection of museums and women.
    You can purchase this book via the Women’s Museum Meran: http://www.museia.it/deutsch/publikationen/

  • 2011 Symposium: Women’s:Museum. Presenting and Cooperating
    This symposium took place at the Women’s Museum Meran and brought together different speakers from an art historic and curatorial background, from the Women’s Museums Meran, Fürth, Bonn and Angrogna, from the Austrian Asociation of Women Artists, from the Network of Women, and Labor Bozen and from the Women’s Archive of South Tyrol.

  • 2010 Symposium: Women’s:Museum. From Collection Strategy to Social Platform
    This symposium took place at the Vienna City Library at City Hall.The goal for the symposium was to promote open-minded and rigorous debate and theoretical reflection on both women’s museums and politically conscious strategies of feminist curating. There were different contributions from women’s museums and discussion on feminist strategies in art, art history, history, theory, education, research, and curating. The keynote address was held by Mansoureh Shojaee, a leading Iranian women’s rights activist, who later has lived as a writer-in-exile in Germany since 2011, and initiated an unrealized project for an Iranian Women’s Museum together with Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi.

  • 2009-2011 Exhibition: Women’s Museums Worldwide
    As part of the second international conference of women’s museum in Bonn in 2009, the first common exhibition of women’s museums worldwide opened. The exhibition included Idols – Role Models – Heroines from the home-countries of the 28 participating museums. It showed women who were pioneers or revolutionaries, women in politics, science and art or even the founders of the museums.Apart from these portraits of women, the exhibition also presented the different women’s museums, their concept, their foundation history, organisation and structure. This way, the diversity of the museums as well as their links were mapped out. This was not only documentation, but a multimedia-based, colourful, fascinating and interactive celebration of the museums.


1 Krasny, Elke, Women’s:Museum – Curatorial Politics in Feminism, Education, History, and Art, in : Elke Krasny, Frauenmuseum Meran 2013, S. 11.