China: Chinese Museum of Women and Children, Beijing
Burkina Faso: Musee de Dano, Dano

Argentina: MUMU Espacio cultural museo de las mujeres, Cordoba
Jordan: ICWA International Center for Women Artists, Amman
Mexico: Museo de la Mujer, Colonia Centro

United Arab Emirates: Women’s Museum Bait Al Banat, Dubai
Germany: Das Haus der FrauenGeschichte (HdFG), Bonn
Women’s Museum of Ireland (virtual)
USA: Museum of Women’s Resistance, Brooklyn, New York
Istanbul Kadin Muzesi Women’s Museum (virtual)

History Women Future (virtual)

Sweden: Kvinnohistoriskt Museum, Ulmea
Turkey: Izmir Kadin Muzesi, Izmir

Antalya Women’s Museum (virtual)

Taiwan: Comfort Women Museum, Taipei

United Kingdom: inVISIBLEwomen.org


Musee de la Femme de Marrakech

United Kingdom: The Vagina Museum, London
Muzeu i Grave, MiG Albanian Women’s Museum

Latest News

Women’s contributions to national independence in Argentina

***read Spanish below*** The Museo de la Mujer in Buenos Aires has recently opened the new exhibition "Mujeres por la independencia nacional", which shines a light on the contributions of women to the national independence in Argentina. CURATORIAL AXIS: The denial of...

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Poster Art and Solidarity

"because women are creating culture" "because women have the view" "because women write history” These are just a few of the statements on the posters above that campaign for the preservation of the Museum of Women‘s Culture Regional - International. In January 2022,...

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Welcome to the Bremer Frauenmuseum

A new women's museum has joined the International Association of Women's Museums (IAWM). We would like to give them a warm welcome. The Bremer Frauenmuseum in Germany is a virtual museum, which means it is cooperating on various projects with other institutions or...

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