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According to article 13 of the decree No. 196 from 30th June 2003 we hereby point out that the user’s data supplied in connection with his/her request and/or booking can be used for processing as well as for the purpose of sending information on the museum’s activities. The IAWM guarantees to act within the scope of the legal restrictions, to use the personal data in consideration of the fundamental rights and the dignity of the person concerned especially regarding the privacy of the personal identity and the protection of the personal data.

The people concerned have the right to approve, control, correct or complete their personal data and they can request their data or part of them to be cancelled, blocked or ask for transformation into anonymous data without specific reason if the data are used for commercial purposes, for the dispatch of advertising material, for the direct sale or for market or opinion research. The rights can be claimed and requested at the IAWM.interntational.