“There has to be a women’s museum in every country of this world.”

Shirin Ebadi

Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize (2003) and official godmother of IAWM

Welcome to the International Association of Women’s Museums (IAWM). We are thrilled to share with you our organization and members, which seek to provide women’s museums – and those who work with them – a place to share and collaborate. Learn about our history, our goals, and our members.

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IAWM Statement Against Violence Against Women

The IAWM stands strong against violence against women. Read our statement in honour of 25 November here.


Latest News

Women’s Museum Norway nominated for Museum of the Year Award

The women’s museum in Norway is nominated as the Museum of the Year in Norway, together with two other candidates. The winner will be awarded at the National Museum Meeting "Diverse Sustainability" in Porsgrunn-Skien on 6 April. The nomination for this important award...

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WE ARE! New Women’s Movement and Feminist Art

From March 6th to October 30th, 2022 the Women's Museum in Bonn, Germany, is showing the exhibition "WE ARE! New Women's Movement and Feminist Art". With the interdisciplinary exhibition WIR SIND! the women’s museum presents the success story of feminist movements in...

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Welcome to new member: Black Brazil Art

Black Brazil Art - an art office in Brazil that works with the dissemination, promotion and representation of the arts with an emphasis on gender and race, invites you to get to know and appreciate the systemic work we have been doing for over 10 years. The COVID-19...

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