Women’s Month at Museum Frauenkultur Regional – International, Fürth, Germany

Feb 28, 2023

In March 2023, “Women’s Month”, we will present the exhibition:

Women from Ukraine. Stories of life and war

Women from Ukraine. Stories of life and war

Portraits of 16 women and six digital graphics by Dariia Zaseda.

Exhibition of Women in One World. Museum Women’s Culture Regional – International

The exhibition is based on the project: HERstory of the war of the Kharkiv Gender Museum

February 24, 2022 divided the lives of people in Ukraine into life before and life after. The team of the Gender Museum Kharkiv – now scattered to the winds – collected testimonies of the events in the first days, weeks and months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine from women of very different origins and different strategies to live with the situation.

Exhibition opening Friday March 3, 2023, 18.00 in the foyer of the Heilig Geist-Haus, Nuremberg, Hans Sachs Platz 2.

Saturday 4 March 16.00 – 19.00 Workshop with the women of the Gender Museum and three of the portrayed women, living now in Vienna, Lviv, Kiev and Dnipro.

Exchange with refugee women from Ukraine living in Nuremberg and the surrounding area and documentation of their stories.


Tetiana Isaieva, Gender Museum Kharkiv

Tanya Chernetska

Nataliiya Pokolenko and Nataliya Chermoshentseva

Lyudmyla Kurkurina

Gendermuseum Kharkiv, Women in One World, International Office of the City of Nuremberg, Ucrainian Women’s Fund.

Dariia Zaseda

Dariia Zaseda:

“A month of my silence burst into the emotionally loaded portraits that speak for themselves while staying at a loss of words.”

The exhibiton ( German language) can be loaned. contact: info@frauenindereinenwelt.de


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