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In times when many museums worldwide are forced to keep their doors shut, we invite you to engage with exhibitions and collections of women’s museums virtually. Every day we will share with you an online exhibition or virtual view into one of our member museums worldwide. Today we start with 5 virtual exhibitions from the Museo de las Mujeres de Costa Rica, which are available in Spanish and English:


Emilia Prieto’s work redefines the position of women in society, valuing dimensions that were closed as their subjectivity, eroticism and femininity. The female body is designated as a space dominated by the male and, at the same time, as a territory of denunciation and resistance. Prieto questions the power structures, gender asymmetries both from the public and from the private, both determining the capacity of women’s personal development.

Link to the exhibition: http://museodelasmujeres.co.cr/2020/03/8m-international-womens-day-emilia-prieto-precursora-de-la-disidencia-de-identidad-respecto-del-discurso-cultural-dominante-en-costa-rica-entre-1925-1945/

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Virtual Exhibition


by Emanuela Caso

WOMEN, born as a photographic and cultural project, to document the economic and social unevenness of women in the different countries of the world.

It is important to divulge the principles and fight hard struggles in labor rights, education, emancipation, equality in underdeveloped countries, and bring equity for a dignified well-being in every part of the world. It is important to point out with the WOMEN project, a stereotype of non-standardized beauty, but a beauty that characterizes strength and personality.

“Beauty, inner strength and spirituality are the main theme of this photographic project. The path of women, their qualities and their expressions are still a long journey to explore, to be deeply known to appreciate not only the exteriority that transpires from an image, but the innumerable emotions connected to a human being. A wonderful and impenetrable universe, most often filled with fears, fragility and strength that coexist in a delicate balance suspended in timeless limbo “.


Diverse in Fight

by Vera Grion

Different fight V.
  Voting Day of the Project to Legalize Abortion, June 13, 2018.
  Plaza del Congreso, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  Digital photography, 50 cm x 33.3 cm.
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In this virtual exhibition the Girl Museum is asking “What was life like for a girl in the Ancient World?”. Ancient Civilizations are fascinating – the Babylonians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Indus Valley, and Maya.  These civilizations flourished between 3000 BCE and 500 CE, and left behind monuments and mysteries that fascinate us today. Yet evidence about young girls in these cultures has been scarce.

In this exhibit, the Girl Museum brings to life Ancient Girls – showing how their daily lives were similar and different, both from each other and from our modern lives.  Join the museum to travel back to these distant cultures, and discover the surprisingly complex lives that girls led.  What you’ll find isn’t in any history book – and may leave you questioning everything you’ve been taught about ancient life.