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Altogether there are 9 so called ‘comfort women’s – museums in the Asian-Pacific- area. One was founded in Japan, the country of the perpetrators; the others are located in countries attacked by the Japanese: in Korea, The Philippines, China and Taiwan. In the Taiwanese capital Taipei I visited the third ‘comfort women’s’ museum on my trip. Luckily my accommodation was both situated in walking distance to the second oldest district of the Taipei, Datong, with its sights and to the women’s museum. On my sightseeing walk through this quarter I run into the Dadaocheng Wharf, the Chen-Tian-Iai-Residence -a beautiful mansion of a former tea trader, the Lin-Liu-Hsin-Puppet- Theater-Museum and the Xiahai City God Temple – one of the most important religious sights of Taipei. The temple area is always a very vivid spot where you can watch believers sacrificing and praying by following special ceremonies. Sightseeing combined with shopping and a visit to the women’s museum – you get it all in Dihua-Street, which is famous for its well preserved historical buildings, its traditional shops and – last but not least – the women`s museum. While taking a stroll my eyes and my nose were especially triggered there. I was wondering about the various and many times strange-looking products offered. From time to time a terrific smell was irritating my nose: different sorts of mushrooms, dried fish, snails, root-like objects, nuts, dried herbs, medicinal plants and spices. With all these impressions I finally stumbled into the AMA-Museum.

AMA – Museum
No 256, Section 1, Dihua-Street
Datong District
Taipei City 10347, TAIWAN

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