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The International Association of Women’s Museums (IAWM) deeply mourns the death of member and friend Elisabeth von Dücker, who died in July.

In May, she had written to IAWM and was happy to be a member of the network. She had been connected to the women’s museums and to IAWM for years through common concerns and cooperation. In 2013 she had contributed to the book ‘Women’s: Museum. Curatorial Politics in Feminism, Education, History, and Art’. She has been known for her curatorial practice with special emphasis on women’s issues and gender equality.

Elisabeth von Dücker

In January 2020, Juliane Brumberg honored her as an important personality in the German women’s movement in the online portal beziehungsweise – weiterdenken. With her kind permission we would like to reproduce excerpts from this text here: Continue reading


On Friday, 24th July 2020 at 6pm the Frauenmuseum Berlin invites to the opening of the exhibition round and round. The exhibition will take place at Potsdamer Str. 161, 10783 Berlin.

8 artists of the Frauenmuseum Berlin will show their works until 2nd August 2020: Angela Bröhan //Judith Brunner// Ulrike Dornis// Rachel Kohn //Verena Kyselka //Zuzanna Schmukalla //Annette Selle //Sibylla Weisweiler

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Friday 4-7 pm

Saturday and Sunday 2-7 pm


On Saturday 9 May 2020 the Museum of Women’s Culture Regional-International is virtually opening the exhibition “Technology#Female#Logical. Women and technology in the Nuremberg metropolitan area.”

The virtual exhibition opening takes place at 11:00 on  instagramfacebookyoutube and twitter.

This is a very relevant topic as girls and young women are increasingly encouraged to turn to an education in engineering and technology. Our exhibition will feature distinguished female pioneers from the metropolitan region as well as women who currently hold positions in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and technical trade. Continue reading


The FrauenFreiluftGalerie Hamburg is inviting to a special walking tour in Hamburg about women working at the harbor in history and today.

More information in German:

Hafenansicht weiblich: Frauenarbeitsplätze im Hafen – jetzt und einst.

Ein Spaziergang am Elbufer durch die Open Air-Galerie.

Die FrauenFreiluftGalerie Hamburg lädt zum Internationalen Frauentag 2020:

Mittwoch, 11. März 2020, 17.00-18.30 Uhr Continue reading


On the occasion of 100 years of women’s suffrage and 70 years of gender equality in the German constitution Women’s Museum Bonn shows an exhibition about the fight for rights in the first and in the second women’s movement.

The exhibition explains the incredible obstacles the suffragettes had to overpower: bureaucratic hindrance, legal interdictions for women, prejudices – not only by politicians, but many social groups, and last but not least disagreement among the engaged women. At the beginning of the 20th century most women’s groups operated only reluctantly and avoided „propaganda actions“, whereas a small minority dared to demand their right in the public. The central strategy of women’s suffrage associations was to submit petitions. But all efforts were in vain. Without the revolution in November 1918 German women would not have obtained the suffrage in the same year. Continue reading