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Memories and Overlooked Defiance

The Women’s Museum-Chile is an independent, non-profit and self-financed corporation founded in June, 2018 in Concepción (Bio-Bio Region) by a multidisciplinary and intergenerational group of activists and professionals who have come together with the mission of building a center for recovery, preservation and diffusion of women’s history in Chile from a feminist perspective, as well as to solidify the collective memory of women’s  multiple contributions to cultural, social, material, identity-definition and symbolic development throughout the many geographical areas of our country.

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The International Association of Women‘s Museums supports the public release of the Women’s Museum Chile:

The Museum of Women – Chile expresses its support and sorority with the “Las Tesis” Collective, which is being the object of unfounded accusations and political persecution by the Carabineros de Chile. Continue reading