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Mary Cassatt, Petite fille dans un fauteuil bleu, vers 1877-1878, huile sur toile, 89,5 x 129,8 cm, Inv. 1983.1.18, National Gallery of Art, Washington, Collection of Mr. And Mrs. Paul Mellon © Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington

Archives of Women Artists Research and Exhibition (AWARE) is restoring the presence of 20th-century women artists in the history of art.

In association with a cultural institution, AWARE organises monthly guided tours by museum curators or art historians to reveal the works of women artists in their collections and exhibitions.

Subject to availability, the tours are free of charge and open to everyone by reservation.

The next visit will be on Sunday, 8th July 2018 in the exhibition “Mary Cassatt, une impressionniste américaine à Paris”. Continue reading


WAS – Women Artists Shows · Salons · Societies : exposi­tions collec­tives de femmes artistes 1876-1976

En partenariat avec le projet Artl@s, AWARE lance WAS (Women Artists Shows·Salons·Societies) un programme de recherche sur les expositions collectives d’artistes femmes. L’ambition de ce projet est de constituer un catalogue descriptif et analytique de ces expositions, de la fin du XIXe siècle à la fin du XXe siècle et d’entamer une réflexion sur leur histoire spécifique, à travers une étude de l’évolution des conditions sociales, culturelles et institutionnelles qui permirent ou rendirent nécessaire la tenue de telles expositions, une analyse des différents niveaux de médiations et d’agencements présents dans ce type d’expositions, ou encore un examen de leur fonctionnement symbolique et de leur réception critique. Continue reading


HERSTORYMUSEUM is a fictional museum founded by artist María María Acha-Kutscher in 2017. Its aim is to show a history of art through a global archive of female artists.

The project turns the artists’ portraits with their works into pictograms. A visual language that reminds us one of the first communication forms in history of humankind. The museum also expands to other circuits different from the art system, like the Internet and public spaces through murals.

HERSTORYMUSEUM adds to the large list of museums created by artists to display impossible worlds or question the status quo of art and join to other initiatives that fight against the invisibility of women artists, to build an inclusive panorama. HERSTORYMUSEUM includes also a narrative that moves away from the concept of “the genius figure” imposed by the patriarchal system, to give access to other ways of doing and seeing art.

Website: www.herstorymuseum.org


Digital Institute for Early Parenthood (DIEP) is inviting professional international artists/filmmakers to submit short films they created in response to their pregnancy, birth and/or new parenthood experience(s) for BROOD FILM FEST; the first annual international short film festival in the world dedicated to the subject of early parenthood

Find more information here:

Call for Submissions: Brood Film Fest