Summer at the Women’s Museum Norway

Aug 30, 2023

We are currently finishing up an exciting and successful summer season at the Women’s Museum Norway. We are happy to have welcomed a mix of locals, Norwegians from other parts of the country and international visitors to our five exhibitions on local female pioneers and gender related topics. In addition, we have housed and taken part in a diverse range of activities, from family reunions and a visit by Japanese exchange students, to an Opera and a political debate.

Vilde med japanske utvekslingsstudenter – photo: Vilde Strid / Anno Women’s Museum Norway

In July we hosted an Opera with pieces written by known and unknown women composers, performed by local female musicians. Songs with topics ranging from romantic love to feminist activism, written throughout the last few centuries, were performed to a full house of excited visitors.

Eva Solungoperaen – photo: Mona Pedersen / Anno Women’s Museum Norway

On quite a different note – at the end of August we will host a debate with local politicians in advance of the upcoming local elections in Norway. We have hopes of thoughtful conversations on women in politics, and how to engage more women (immigrant women in particular) in politics and the public life more generally.

Now, we are looking forward to the autumn season, with markets, events and – very excitingly – the building of a lift to give people with restricted mobility access to our top floor!

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