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Literature about women’s museums and IAWM

This list contains publications about women’s museums and IAWM in chronological order. If you have suggestions of other publications or material regarding women’s museums and IAWM please send them to info@iawm.international.


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Other languages

ITALIAN Gagliardi, Isabella, Aurora Savelli, “La storia delle donne in percorsi di Public History (Women’s History in routes of Public History). Storia delle donne (Women’s History) special issue, 14/2018. http://www.storiadelledonne.it/?page_id=986.

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RUSSIAN Lubava. “Бездомная история желает познакомиться” (Meeting homeless history). Bergenrabbit, December 23, 2017. https://www.bergenrabbit.net/2017/12/bezdomnaya-istoriya-zhelaet-poznakomit-sya/.

GERMAN Malzner, Carola. “Die Frauenmuseums-Frauen” (The women of the women’s museums). Welt der Frau (World of the Woman), July/August 2017. https://www.welt-der-frauen.at/die-frauenmuseums-frauen/.

GERMAN Museum Frauenkultur Regional – International, ed. Museum Frauenkultur Regional – International feiert. 2006-2016. 10 Jahre im Marstall von Schloss Burgfarrnbach, 2016. https://www.frauenindereinenwelt.de/Flyer-Zeitungsartikel/Flyer-Z._2016/2016_Frauenmuseum_10J.pdf.

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SPANISH Vaquinhas, Irene. “Museus das mulheres na actualidade: Criação, objectivos e o contributo da história” (Women’s Museums Today: Creation, aims and contribution of history). Revista Iberoamericana de Turismo- RITUR, Penedo, special number (2015): 5-26. http://www.seer.ufal.br/index.php/ritur/article/view/2006/1515.

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ITALIAN Gengaro, Tommasina, and Rosaia Ruberto. Musei delle donne – Frauenmuseen – Women’s Museums. Un viaggio alla scoperta dei musei delle donne in Europa – un progetto di museo (A journey to discover the women’s museums in Europe – a museum project). Tempi e Spazi, 2007. http://www.tempiespazi.it/spazi/07magg/.

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Literature about gender in museums

This list contains publications about gender in museums in chronological order. If you have suggestions for further publications or material, please send us an email to info@iawm.international.


ICOM. Museum International: Museums & Gender, Volume 72 (2020).

Clover, D. E., Dzulkifli, S., Gelderman, H., & Sanford, K. (2020). Feminist Adult Educators‘ Guide to Aesthetic, Creative and Disruptive Strategies in Museums and Community. University of Victoria Gender Justice, Creative Pedagogies and Arts – Based Research Group. https://onlineacademiccommunity.uvic.ca/comarts/.

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Other languages

NORWEGIAN Holm, Mona. “Kvinner og menn på utstilling. Anno 2017” (Women and men on display. Anno 2017). In Utdanning Hedmark, edited by Bjørn Sverre Hol Haugen and Mona Pedersen, 111-137. Trondheim: Museumsforlaget, 2018.

GERMAN Zettelbauer, Heidrun. „Das Begehren nach musealer Repräsentation. Geschlecht und Identität in musealen Inszenierungen zum ,Gedenkjahr’ 2005“. In Historische Wirklichkeitskonstruktion und künstlerische Gestaltung im Museum. Österreichische Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaften (Historical Construction of Reality and Artistic Design in the Museum. Austrian Journal of History), edited by Christine Braunersreuther and Karl Stocker, no.1 (2007), Innsbruck: Studienverlag, 137–153.

GERMAN Schönweger, Astrid. „Müssen Frauen nackt sein, um ins Museum zu kommen?“ (Do women have tob e naked to get in the museum?). In Ëres tla Ladina. Catalogh dè froa dal Museum Ladin Ćiastel de Tor en ocajiun dla mostra “Ëres tla Ladina”. San Martin de Tor, 2006, 9–32.

GERMAN Muttenthaler, Roswitha and Regina Wonisch. „Visuelle Repräsentationen. Genderforschung in Museen“ (Visual representations. Gender research in museums). In: Gender Studies. Denkachsen und Perspektiven der Geschlechterforschung (Gender Studies. Thinking axes and perspectives of gender research), edited by Ingrid Bauer and Julia Neissl. Innsbruck, 2003, 95–107.