New exhibition at the Museo de la Mujer Argentina: Colectivaenhebradas

Aug 13, 2022

—Spanish below—-

Colectivaenhebradas was amalgamated in 2021 as a collective of textile artists. Diverse in training, life stories and journeys that we find in textiles the strongest framework.

The thread that recovers and intertwines them is impregnated with emotions, thoughts and experiences that reflect the struggles of women, the defense of the planet, the construction of collective memory, the inequalities that mobilize, the protection of what is born and grows. It is a sensitive look at the world we live in, in which nature and society intersect.

Textile art is search and encounter. It is caring, discovering, making visible, manifesting, recovering, offering meanings.

The desire to transform these senses into work expresses textile materials, from soft sculpture to photography, embroidery, collage, weaving, performative installation. They are seeds, they are forest; they are their own bodies and those of others; they are nests and wind; They are words and silences. It is the voice of each one in their particular artistic concretion, but it is the voice of all holding a collective warp.


Colectivaenhebradas se amalgamó en 2021 como colectiva de artistas textiles. Diversas en formación, historias de vida y recorridos que encontramos en lo textil el más fuerte entramado.

La hebra que las recorre y entrelaza se impregna de emociones, pensares y vivencias que recogen las luchas de las mujeres, la defensa del planeta, la construcción de la memoria colectiva, las desigualdades que movilizan, la protección de lo que nace y crece. Es una mirada sensible sobre el mundo que transitamos, en la que naturaleza y sociedad se entrecruzan.

El arte textil es búsqueda y encuentro. Es cuidar, descubrir, visibilizar, manifestar, recuperar, ofrendar sentidos.

El deseo de transformar estos sentidos en obra, expresa materialidades textiles, desde la escultura blanda a la fotografía, el bordado,  el collage, el tejido, la instalación performativa. Son semillas, son bosque; son cuerpos propios y ajenos; son nidos y viento; son palabras y silencios. Es la voz de cada una en su concreción artística particular, pero es la de todas sosteniendo una urdimbre colectiva.



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