It‘s a »She Thing«

Nov 26, 2022

In the exhibition It’s a “She Thing,” eight Berlin-based artists from the Frauenmuseum Berlin present their perspectives on past to present issues immanent to women and gender.
In a kind of survey through the past 100 years, grievances and needs for action, temporary successes and expectations are negotiated and some of the possibilities of the current discourse around diversity, identity politics and self-empowerment are outlined.
Curator: Rebekka Liebmann

Ulrike Dornis | drawing
Andrea Golla | textile art
Rachel Kohn | sculpture
Verena Kyselka | video installation
Susanne Piotter | installation / objekt
Zuzanna Schmukalla | painting
Anja Sonnenburg | drawing
Sibylla Weisweiler | paining

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