International Women’s Day at the Museo de las Mujeres, Costa Rica

Mar 10, 2019

Virtual Exhibition


by Emanuela Caso

WOMEN, born as a photographic and cultural project, to document the economic and social unevenness of women in the different countries of the world.

It is important to divulge the principles and fight hard struggles in labor rights, education, emancipation, equality in underdeveloped countries, and bring equity for a dignified well-being in every part of the world. It is important to point out with the WOMEN project, a stereotype of non-standardized beauty, but a beauty that characterizes strength and personality.

“Beauty, inner strength and spirituality are the main theme of this photographic project. The path of women, their qualities and their expressions are still a long journey to explore, to be deeply known to appreciate not only the exteriority that transpires from an image, but the innumerable emotions connected to a human being. A wonderful and impenetrable universe, most often filled with fears, fragility and strength that coexist in a delicate balance suspended in timeless limbo “.


Diverse in Fight

by Vera Grion

Different fight V.
  Voting Day of the Project to Legalize Abortion, June 13, 2018.
  Plaza del Congreso, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.
  Digital photography, 50 cm x 33.3 cm.

Two hundred and twenty-two years after being guillotined, for fighting for women’s rights; the desire of one of the forerunners of feminism was fulfilled. On June 3, 2015, a lesser one emerged in Argentina; movement of Women, Lesbians, Transvestites, Trans and Non-Binary, united to conquer new rights, historically pending.

Before the preparations for the International Women’s Day 2019, feminist groups in Argentina have proposed that the march should be only for cis women; In response to this request I have selected these photographs that I have taken in different concentrations, where diversity manifests itself.

It is my wish that this March 8, cis, lesbians, transvestites, trans, and non-binary women, we are protagonists of a single diverse body that fights for their rights.

Coletivo Causa Sorora (Costa Rica)

In October 2018 tourists Arantxa Gutiérrez, from Spain, and María Trinidad Mathus from Mexico were murdered. In the protest against these femicides, the collective “Causa Sorora” carried a travel suitcase in which the names of Arantxa and María Trinidad were read.

“We have brought this suitcase as a symbol of the event that is gathering us. It is a moment in which we must keep united, sorority (in solidarity) to be able to process this grief that ultimately affects us all (…) These women lost their lives brutally in the hands of murderous, femicidal men”, affirmed Carolina Monge, member of the group.

The women who attended the protest wrote messages of solidarity, condolences and denunciation such as “I have dreams”, “I want to live”, “No more blood” and “Stop being afraid”, “I want to be able to walk on the street without being afraid of being killed”.

Female Spaces (Costa Rica)

Collective exhibition of Costa Rican artists conformed by the artists Maggie Valero, Alejandra Fournier, Ana Beatriz Sánchez, Ileana Piszk, Karen Clachar, Li Briceño, Magda Córdoba, Marcia Salas, Maricel Alvarado, Rosemary Golcher and Silvia Monge, who raise a reflection on the difference between the history of women and the history made by women. The first with an intention to put at the center of history the social subjects women, forgotten, marginalized, unvisibilized and the second to take a step towards history in which women are integrated without distinction, as active agents from the parity approach between the sexes. The collective proposes to change the socially diffused question: why have not there been great women artists? By: When will women achieve full artistic and social equality? The exhibition consisting of painting, installation and literature is an attempt to repair the omission of creative women in the History of Art as a first step towards the “rescue” of women artists and, as a second step, the analysis of their works. in the awareness that it is only in the twentieth century when women artists begin to break through the paths of contemporary art to remove the veil of the preceding centuries where this activity was intended for widows or daughters of painters; by devotion in the case of the religious and as an educated leisure for the women of the aristocracy who occupied their imagination without harming their “domestic” condition. The show Female Spaces risks transcending the invisibility of women, seeks to recruit creative women and assume the fact that there is a female art. Not only from the feminist approach to gender equality, but from the feminism of difference. Affirming itself in the feminine character as specifically different from the one of the men, postulating the existence of a sensitivity and a particular style: the centrality, the symmetry or the frequency of recurring reasons like the circles, the boxes or the biomorphic figures. (Arturo Valencia Ruíz, Director of Instituto Cultural de México)

Virtual exhibition “Si no me muevo, no siento las cadenas” (Costa Rica)

Collective exhibition of four pottery women that will take place in the Corina Rodríguez López Auditorium.

Undisciplined Objects

The Women’s Museum will participate in the call for Undisciplined Objects organized by workers of Museums in Argentina with Susana Sánchez Carballo’s object titled Have fun? The bodies as merchandise. Her work deals with the poor conditions in which the trade of prostitution is found in Costa Rica and the reification of the bodies of women.

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