The Frauenmuseum Wiesbaden is opening the exhibition ‘The art of remembrance. Alice Salomon (1872-1948)‘ 2. September 2018 — 10. February 2019

Exiled from Germany in 1937, Alice Salomon died in New York, alone, in August 1948. The same year in December, Swiss artist DESSA (Deborah Sharon Abeles) was born in Southern Rhodesia, today Zimbabwe.
Who was Alice Salomon? Social reformer, educator, feminist, economist and peace activist, Alice Salomon founded the Social School for Women in Berlin in 1908. Only recently did the artist herself learn about the intensive life and achievements of this extraordinary woman pioneer to whom we owe so much. The more the artist read and learned about Alice Salomon, the more parallels and echoes between their personal and international lives came to light.
DESSA revives our collective memory. She uses various techniques to create a tangible approach to Alice Salomon’s life: paintings, collages, objects, installations and an imaginary conversation together form a thorough narrative. The frauen museum wiesbaden presents this exhibition for the first time to coincide with 70 years since Alice Salomon’s death.
A book published by Verlag Hentrich & Hentrich accompanies the exhibition.

DESSA lives and works in Berlin and in Pully, Switzerland.


Information in German:

Alice Salomon, Sozialreformerin, Pädagogin, Feministin, Ökonomin und Pazifistin, gründete 1908 die Soziale Frauenschule in Berlin. Sie schrieb 28 Bücher und über 500 Artikel. Dennoch ist sie außerhalb der Sozialwissenschaften wenig bekannt. 1937 in die Emigration gezwungen, starb Alice Salomon 1948 in New York.

Die Künstlerin DESSA gestaltet einen visuellen Zugang zur Geschichte Alice Salomons: Gemälde, Collagen, Objekte, Installationen werden zu einer vielschichtigen Narration verknüpft. Mit der Hommage an Alice Salomon setzt DESSA ihr künstlerisches Schaffen zum kollektiven Gedenken fort.

Sonntag, 2. September 2018
12.00 Uhr

Kim Engels, frauen museum wiesbaden
Einführung in die Ausstellung
Marlies Lang-Schilling, Kunsthistorikerin
In Anwesenheit der Künstlerin
Mi, Do, Sa, So 12 – 17 Uhr
Führungen 16.9. | 21.10. | 18.11. | 15.00 Uhr
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