Elsa Ballauri

Board Member, Albania

Function at IAWM: Board member of IAWM

Biography: Two things have influenced me to set up a Women’s Museum – human rights and my hobby of collecting.
I studied literature and journalism and published books of poetry. I am involved in human rights movement after the fall of communism in Albania, and since 1996, director of Human Rights Group.  I have a master’s degree in Cultural Heritage, and I am part-time teaching at the University of Tirana on Media and Minorities. For several years, I had my TV Show, Femina.
In 2008 I was honored with the Women Torch award by the Danish government under MGD3 with the slogan To do something Extra. Thus, the idea of ​​setting up a women’s museum was born. This was my promise, and at his disposal I put my collection.
The passion for collecting antiques was since my childhood. I found this passion in my family. My father, a prominent philatelist, was also a museum architect.
And so, the museum came to me very naturally.

Museum: As a human rights person, I realized that it is necessary to acquire new paths to make society know and understand women. As a collector, I have come to realize that the history of women is much broader and more unknown than people think.
The Women’s Museum in Albania is a need and an opportunity to help women and gender issues, but it also makes women know themselves. The museum shows and discovers the untold stories of women. It attaches great importance to the education of the younger generation, studies on feminism, gender equality, influences school curricula, etc. It also supports young people in their collecting hobbies, collaborates with female artists from different communities.
MiG is member of Museums Network in Albania.

Why am I working at IAWM? Women can transform the whole world. They need strength, courage, and each-other.  Women’s problems are almost the same everywhere. We just need to accept them. IAWM is a great opportunity to do that. I see this Network as a good opportunity to find US, so that women’s rights are not just a slogan but a real action.
Through our museums we can reach our rights.

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