Sigrid Prader

Co-opted Board Member, Italy

Function at IAWM: co-opted Board member of IAWM

Biography: I worked as a teacher and got involved for a while in development cooperation in the Southern Hemisphere where I was able to get to know many projects from women for women.
Many strong women, who inspired me a lot, coin my personal life experience. Therefore, I felt encouraged to follow my own path which gave me the possibility, by means of my ideas and actions, to make changes in the direction of an equal and peaceful society.

On the Board of IAWM, I am representing the Women’s Museum of Merano/Italy

Museum: Due to its long-lasting female-specific museum work, the Women’s Museum is well established and integrated by now in the panorama of the local cultural institutions of our Autonomous Province of Bolzano/South Tyrol.

For our work, the networking and cooperation with the women associations as well as the cultural organizations are very important. It provides visibility and reaches newly interested target audiences. We introduce the concern of a Gender-fair world by providing constructive and concrete suggestions.

Why am I working at IAWM?

I work at the IAWM as a board member with huge conviction because that is the place where female-specific, historical and current contents are shown. Within the network of Women’s Museums, concerns like the consideration of plurality of female lives in a regional, global and social context can evolve and effectively make an impact. Thus, it was already possible to conduct EU-projects, to exchange exhibitions, and to publish a book about our work of the Women’s Museum in 2013.

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