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Patricia Galeana

who we are Patricia

Function at IAWM: Board member of IAWM

Biography: Historian. BA in History, Masters in History of Mexico and a PhD in Latin American Studies at UNAM. Professor at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, UNAM. Founding President of the Mexican Federation of University Women. The Federal District Legislative Assembly (ALDF) elected me Councillor of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City in 2002 – 2013. I am the founder and curator of the Women’s Museum in Mexico. The ALDF awarded me the Citizen Merit Medal in 2011 for my work on behalf of women’s human rights and the creation of the Women’s Museum in Mexico.

Museum: I represent the Women’s Museum in México at the IAWM Board. The Museum works jointly with the Mexican Federation of University Women, a national organization of graduate women and member of Graduate Women International (GWI), the first women’s organization of graduate women in the world, founded in 1919 for the purpose of peace. We have presented the exhibition “The struggle of women in Mexico” in the states of the Republic of Mexico, to promote the creation of local museums on this subject.

We are aware that women’s development is pivotal to achieve the overall progress of humanity, since women are not only reproducers of life, but they also reproduce cultural patterns. The Mexican Federation of University Women (FEMU) has advocated for affirmative policies to generate a new culture of peace through teaching, research and dissemination of a gender-sensitive culture. The best investment that a nation can make is in women and girl’s education because of the multiplying effect it can have on society. People can go as far as their education allows them.

Why am I working at IAWM?

I work at the IAWM as a board member on behalf of women’s development as a key element to achieve the overall progress of humanity. I want to make visible women’s work and their contribution to building our nations, so that the history of women ceases to be forgotten.

I wish to generate a new mentality that overthrows patriarchal traditions and all types of discrimination, and to respect the rights of each person through the prevention of violence.