Mona Holm

President, Norway

Function at IAWM: Chair Woman of the IAWM

Biography: Living in a multicultural family has influenced my professional life, and led me to work in international projects. I graduated as an Art Historian from the University in Oslo with a thesis on Argentine comics/cartoons and social commitment. My first contact with the Norwegian Women’s Museum came through a Norwegian-Argentine cultural interchange project I organized. Since then, I have curated several exhibitions on women’s history, culture and social life. This has given me a great opportunity to establish contact with female artists, academics and other professionals, as well as women associations. I have learned the importance of building good networks. Since 2013, I have been in charge of the Women’s Museum.

Museum: On the board of IAWM, I represent the Women’s Museum in Norway. Our museum celebrated in 2015 its 20th Anniversary. It was founded by staff and volunteers at the local museum in the town of Kongsvinger who saw the need of having a proper museum dedicated to women’s history and culture. Since 2010 we have been a part of the Hedmark County Museum, ANNO, an administrative unit for all the County‘s museums.
The Women‘s Museum was given the task of administrating a National Museum Network for Women’s History by the Norwegian Authorities in 2003. The network has annual meetings and the members come from different museums from all over Norway. Our latest common project – interviewing 100 women born before 1943 about their lives – was finished 2015.

The Women’s Museum cooperates with cultural institutions and women associations both at a local, regional and national level.

Why am I working at IAWM?
I work at the IAWM board, because I am convinced that this association/network is important for all of us who strive to make women‘s history and culture visible. It is important because it gives us an access to mutual support and interchange of thoughts and knowledge within the network. Moreover, it is important as a mean to get a higher understanding and acceptance of women’s museums in both local, national and international level.

Latest News

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On March 8, the Mexican Women’s Museum celebrated its 10th anniversary with the presentation of the actions and goals achieved in this first decade, by its founder and director, Dr. Patricia Galeana. That same day, Dr. Patricia Galeana, founder and director of the...

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In 2021, Museum of Recent History Celje in Slovenia launched the project Women's TraCEs, in which we explore the stories of women from Celje in the 20th century, the role of women in modern society and various topics related to women. With different approaches, we...

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A Women’s Museum is Love

Women’s Museum in Albania MiG  (Muzeu i Grave) Every museum has a lot of emotion inside, but when you build it from the ground up, it brings a lot more than just that – it brings lots, and lots of love. The museum I built from the ground up, is the museum of the...

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THE FIRST ROOM. birth culture meets architecture

On 25th and 26th March the frauenmuseum hittisau invites to the online conference THE FIRST ROOM. More information in German: Die interdisziplinäre Online-Tagung durchleuchtet das Thema „Raum & Geburt“ sowie regenerative Prozesse, die in Zusammenhang mit dem...

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