Gaby Franger

Board Member, Germany

Function at IAWM: Board Member of IAWM

Biography: After my studies of social sciences and history I worked on different levels in intercultural and international action/research projects, did educational work in different universities and regional women study projects. I am co-founder of Women in One World, centre for intercultural women’s everyday lives and international exchange, the association that runs the Museum Women’s Culture Regional and published and curated a multitude of exhibitions and books on women’s everyday lives, photography and popular art.

Museum: The Museum Frauenkultur Regional -International (Fürth, Germany) recognizes and affirms all forms of cultural diversity at local, regional and international levels. It offers a space for dialogue and controversial discussions, both local and global, both related to the past and the present, and tries to reflect this diversity in the policies and programs of the museum. Our approach to conscientization is principally rooted in the structures of women’s own lives, their inherent wishes and the capacities of women themselves. We narrate global developments as reflected in biographies of women who communicate and transcend borders of time and space. This approach allows us to discover commonalities in differences and to change the perspective on the self and the other, the familiar and the foreign, development and what is understood as under-development.

Why am I working at IAWM?

I think international networking and exchange about diverse approaches to promote women’s rights is necessary more than ever in times of a global political rollback and belligerent attitudes towards vulnerable groups around the world. I would like to focus on researching, analyzing and sharing approaches of women and gender museums all over the world to promote women’s rights and social justice.


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Women's Museum Mexico invites you to an online lecture on Carmen Mondragón (1893-1978) also known as Nahui Olin. The contemporary of Frida Kahlo was a painter, poet and model who shaped Mexico during the 1920s and 1930s. Learn more about Nahui Olin and her time in the...

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Let’s go to America… airports and shopping-malls, to art museums and little galeries, to former farm houses and factories, to shops and offices – in short: to ordinary and extraordinary locations that are housing women' s museums. It is 2018 and my friend Resi and I are heading for...

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10 Years Interessengemeinschaft Frau und Museum

An initiative becomes an institution Getting involved + making visible On 3 November 2020, the Interessengemeinschaft Frau und Museum celebrated its tenth anniversary of foundation, unfortunately only in a small circle of the board due to Corona, but with a lot of joy...

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Women’s Museum Mexico: lecture

Join Women's Museum Mexico for a zoom lecture on Mexico's first women's congress which was held in January 1916. Dr.a Rosa María Valles Ruiz will also talk about the second women's congress held in November/December 1916 - an event which has been almost forgotten. 13...

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