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Bettina Bab


Function at IAWM: Board member of IAWM, vice-president

Biography: I studied History and Spanish. During my studies, I recognized that historical aspects have effects to our present life and that women’s history exists although its traces were much hidden but not really lost. So I got involved in women’s history which was quite absent at the universities. I worked in projects to research and exhibit women’s history and I began to make guided tours about different women’s subjects in the City of Cologne.

Museum: The Women’s Museum in Bonn aims to show the unknown women’s culture and history which other museums do not exhibit. For me it is important to remember strong women in history and exhibit their life and deeds as a role model for young women and girls. By this, we want to contribute to a gender-democratic society. In addition, I began to present our exhibitions not only on a historical point of view, but also with an intercultural focus to show the differences and similarities of women across national borders.

Why am I working at IAWM?
Our museum always had exchange with other museums and for me it was a gainful experience to know colleagues from other women’s museums, to discuss with them and learn from each other. We are often in the same situation and have the same objectives. I work at the IAWM as a board member with the conviction that we are strong together and that we can bring forward awareness about women’s and gender concerns in many countries.

Photo: Manuele Klein, Detlev Weigand