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About us

IAWM – the International Association of Women’s Museums is a association created 2012 in Alice Springs, Australia, at the 4rd International Congress of Women’s Museums. The registred office is in Bonn, Germany.
There are over 70 women’s and gender museums and women’s museums initiatives in different countries nowadays.
These museums are very important
  • for gender informing and
  • education of people,
  • for improving of role women in society,
  • for implementation of equal rights and opportunities.

The activities of these museums are quite various:

  • They support different women’s art,
  • tell the history of women of their country and
  • support scientific projects.

But information about their acitivity is unknown for the wide public. Today some of these museums began to consolidate their efforts and look for the possibilities of cooperation and interaction.

The network was created at the 1st International Women’s Museums Congress in June 2008 in Merano, during which the institutions passed a resolution encapsulating the concept of the «Women’s Museum» and defining their common objectives.

The network womeninmuseum its tasks as follows:
  • to increase the visibility and acceptance of Women’s Museums
  • to actively support each other
  • to make use of the internet plattform in order to push ahead the work of network

The following meetings were:

  • In September of 2009 in Bonn, Germany
  • In May of 2010 in Bueons Aires, Argentina,
  • In May of 2012 in Alice Springs, Australia. There was founded the IAWM – The International Association of Women’s Museums.

Chair Woman: Bettina Bab, Women’s Museum, Bonn/Germany.

Coordinator: Astrid Schönweger, Merano

If you have news regarding the network or you need further informations, please contact: info@womeninmuseum.net

You want to be part of IAWM? Please click here for more information to become a member!


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