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May we present our member… Frammenti di storia al femminile in Italy

The voluntary organisation “Frammenti di storia al femminile” began in Cossano Canavese in 1998 with the intent to be a point of reference for everything regard women’s culture and to have a solid and agile tool to gather, keep and spread women’s memory, aural, written and through artefacts. The foundation of a women’s museum is one of the goals of the organisation.

The organisation is inspired by Giulia Avetta, born in 1908 from Cossano, whose exemplar life was dedicated to other people.

Born to the “the world of the poor” she freed herself with work and study, making of her teaching job a mission: she wanted to free the children from poverty teaching a whole generation to read, write and use numbers. She used culture as a way for freedom and equality together with her sense of Christian service. With the same spirit Giulia worked as a mayor and led her village into the modern age bringing water into the homes and building an adequate school.

The first virtual section of the museum is dedicated to Giulia Avetta. One of the goals is the Women’s museum, that wants to gather data, objects, pictures, photos, documents and anything about women. We’ll also assemble a document centre and a Library, both open to the public. The museum will be dynamic, the meaninful and interchangable objects, teaching panels, virtual sections, photographic and doucment sections.

Frammenti di Storia al Femminile wants to promote culture and art, organise courses exhibitions, meetings, debates on women’s issues, offer a meeting place for women, and aid communities and women in need.

Therefore the museum produced videos and organised exhibitions to show the journey of women in the world: Giulia Avetta, Fragments of Women’s history, and Tiri Tesse.

For the 150th anniversary of Italian unification the museum initiative brought onto the stage “impossible interviews to women of the Risorgimento”, with the show Fragment of Women’s Risorgimento. Based on little-known women who made history, we took it to many villages in Canavese.

In 2016 the organisation did something similar with “Trenches: women’s voices in the first world war”, about women who in various ways contributed to the war (nurses, spies, intellectuals).

In 2013, with the contribution of the Comune di Torino and the Fondazione CRT the organisation published the book “With Roots We Can Fly – fragments of history for a new idea of women’s citizenship”. The book was presented in various places during 2014, and it gathers the experiences of 42 women. Their stories unfold over a century and show how women adapted to rapidly changing societies.

Anually the Organisation awards associations, bodies and people with special achievements in the fields of Education, Art and Politics. The Giulia Avetta Culture Prize is now in its eleventh edition and dedicated to Giulia Avetta.